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  • Banks are in Love with the CoCo


     I hate to admit it, but…I’m in love with CoCo! I’m not talking about Ice T’s wife, the tasty wintertime beverage, or your lonely Aunt Irma’s favorite Shih Tzu. I’m talking about contingent convertible securities. High yield hand grenades with a stage name like CoCo so you won’t freak out when you hear about them.  

  • Coco bonds: Deutsche Bank in trouble?


    In love with the Coco bonds: is Deutsche Bank in big trouble?  

  • Here's What You Need to Know About CoCo Bonds


    In today's "Morning Must Read," Bloomberg’s Tom Keene discusses the function of CoCo bonds in light of concerns at Deutsche Bank with Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor at Allianz and Bloomberg View columnist and Martin Gilbert, chief executive officer at Aberdeen Asset management. They speak on "Bloomberg ‹GO›." (El-Erian is a Bloomberg View columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.) 

  • Ralph Hamers over Fintech: Threat or opportunity?


    CEO Ralph Hamers geeft zijn visie op fintech en legt uit hoe ING nieuwe en verbeterde diensten ontwikkelt voor haar klanten.  

  • Risk culture in financial organizations


    Professor Mike Power of the London School of Economics discusses his report on "Risk culture in financial organisations" with Mary O'Connor (Global head of financial institutions at Willis Group) and Amelia Stubbs (Senior client partner at Korn Ferry) and Matthew Locke. 

  • Pieter van der Does over Adyen


    Retail Challengers - Company Presentation by Pieter van der Does - Co-Founder & CEO of Adyen at the NOAH 2015 Conference in Berlin, Tempodrom on the 10th of June 2015. 

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